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Why The Business Apprenticeship?

Solve real world business problems

Follow our self-directed business fundamentals courses covering critical disciplines of any good business.

Practical case based learning

Learn best practice skills from inspiring companies, that are the best in their field. Real life case studies included in each model and additional learning based podcasts from The Spinoff & Callaghan Institute

Learn at your own pace & in your own time.

Access the content anywhere, anytime. Optimised for mobile learning, students can step in and out of their learning modules.

Track progress in real time.

See where your people need help and make the most of your teams newly acquired skills and knowledge

8 Bite-sized, hand-held business modules

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Finance Fundamentals
eCommerce + Digital
Effective Leadership
International Business
OPEX & Logistics
Your Personal Brand

Learning the BApp Way

Be Active: Learn by Doing

The BApp courses are built on the idea of active learning by taking a question first approach. Active learning leads to a higher chance of information retention, than passively taking information in. By interacting with the content it engages your brain so that it is more likely to retain that information later.

Collaboration: Learn from Others

Applying your learning to a real-life example, allows you to engage with more closely. The BApp program has partnered with organisations to integrate content, for more practical based learning. Understanding how other businesses approach a problem, helps provide context for applying these methods & ideas into your own situation.

Feedback Loop: Learn by Failing Fast

The BApp embraces the idea of ‘failing fast’. This means you test yourself early in your learning process, to see where you are struggling or getting things incorrect, creating your own feedback loop. This helps to identify the areas you need to work on more which can guide your learning. We monitor all students answers and tailor further learning and examples where students need more help.

We do good to do more good:

With over 20 years experience working in business, we realised there must be a better way for young staff & new graduates across all industries, to strengthen their business knowledge & capability. The 'one size fits all' tertiary learning structure doesn't work for many, nor prepare them adequately for business in the modern world. The business apprenticeship combines, practical case based learning across key business disciplines. A bite-sized programme to help our young people be business ready!

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