• Personal Branding

    We will share & discuss the importance of nurturing & elevating your personal brand, providing insights into maximising your image. Build a world class LinkedIn profile that showcases all that you bring to the world!!

  • DISC Profiles

    Get to know your personal DiSC® profile to help you understand not only your own behaviours and communication preferences, but also other people's styles and how to best interact with them.

  • Growth Mindset

    Led by industry experts who have navigated the landscape of modern business, learn the core principles of a growth mindset so you can unlock your potential, boost resilience & feel empowered to adapt.

  • Ownership Mindset

    Intertwined with Growth Mindset, we discuss the power in having an ownership mindset & embracing accountability within yourself / your team. This dynamic combination drives success & ensures continuous advancement & growth.

  • Mental Fitness

    Mental fitness is incredibly important for growing productivity & strong relationships. We’ll give you tools & techniques to be more aware of your psychological state, balancing life and the science behind mental fortitude.

  • Leadership Capabilities

    Great leadership is a key element of what differentiates a great business from a good business. We’ll cover what means to be a Level 5 leader and how to get there.

  • Financial Literacy

    Finance makes a business hum so everyone should know how to read financial data for decision making. We’ll teach you the basics of the Profit & Loss (revenue, costs, profit) + the Balance Sheet (assets, liabilities, equity) + Cash Flow.

  • Marketing/Sales Essentials

    Marketing & selling is the backbone of any business’ ability to achieve growth and financial goals. Gain exposure to the fundamentals of marketing/selling that everyone should know..

Meet a few of our industry experts...

Cherie Canning

Leadership & Mindfulness Expert

The founder of Luminate Leaderhip, Cherie believes the future of Leadership is about diversity and embracing heart-centered Leadership. She'll share her knowledge mindfulness, inspiring us that leadership is at its best when there is a genuine connection, collaboration, courage and kindness.

Ali Barfoot

HR & Personal Branding Specialist

Ali is a Recruitment & HR professional with in-depth experience in recruitment, talent management & personal branding. Ali has a passion for helping people with their personal development & growth, while inspiring them to new heights in their career journeys.

Sam Farmer

Leadership Coach

Sam is a Leadership Coach & Coaching Psychologist. He specialises in helping people and teams in the workplace, build better relationships, deliver meaningful work & inspire a high performance culture.

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“As a medium size business, we have been looking at ways to tackle learning & development, with limited resource. We ended up putting multiple staff through the Business Apprenticeship program! They have already started applying the learning into their various roles. ”

Shaun Newman | Managing Director | Trail Lite

“I was able to learn at my own pace, which made it easier to fit between my full time uni studies and full time work. The soft skills meant the most to me hands down I love using DiSC in day-to-day communications, and mental fitness, well, speaks for itself! ”

Brooke D - Student

“I have taken a lot of business tips and incorporated them into my own personal business. I am still using most of what I have learnt, in my everyday life, trying to make my business a success.”

Courtney B - Student

“I enjoyed the guest speakers the most and hearing stories of their careers and how I could tie their journeys into my own.”

Ryan P - Student

Learn core business skills that build capability & enhance career pathways

  • Earn while you learn

    The course is flexible & 'bite-sized' so can largely be completed in your own time alongside current employment commitments.

  • Learn from industry experts

    Industry leaders will share their experiences via live webinars across key business disciplines. They'll also share what has inspired their career journeys.

  • Embed learning in the real world

    Use your learning back in the workplace, with practical follow-ups and become part of our exclusive LinkedIn community of like-minded 'apprentices'.

Business is Boring!

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